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JP-H02231055-A: Food flavor for business use patent, JP-H02233373-A: Carrier tape and its feeder patent, JP-H02236355-A: Sinkage preventing member patent, JP-H02237149-A: Semiconductor device and its manufacture patent, JP-H02238173-A: Ignition timing control device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-H02238874-A: Cigarette patent, JP-H02251152-A: Pasting method of adhesive sheet patent, JP-H0225459-A: New vinylsulfone norpyrethoic acid derivative, preparation thereof and use thereof for synthesis of bioactive compound patent, JP-H02256968-A: Manufacture of gasket patent, JP-H02263391-A: Semiconductor memory device patent, JP-H02276124-A: Thermal fuse patent, JP-H02276731-A: Substrate accommodating device patent, JP-H02280110-A: Connection device for endoscope patent, JP-H02287462-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H02289293-A: Cutter patent, JP-H02290488-A: Method and apparatus for drying granule patent, JP-H02297478-A: Thermally sensitive transferable ribbon patent, JP-H02303778-A: Arm driving mechanism for robot patent, JP-H02304459-A: Drum driving device for electrophotographic printer patent, JP-H0242157-A: Fail-safe device for vehicle control unit patent, JP-H02500236-A: patent, JP-H0259449-A: Method and device for producing optical element patent, JP-H0268145-A: Preparation of plate-shaped catalyst for removing nitrogen oxide patent, JP-H0273950-A: Free cutting steel excellent in hot ductility patent, JP-H0278245-A: Adhering method for adhesive tape patent, JP-H028454-A: Floor structure body patent, JP-H0297729-A: Hydraulic driving device for dry clutch in industrial vehicle patent, JP-H03114344-A: Hand-free portable telephone set patent, JP-H03130619-A: Operation storing apparatus patent, JP-H03131764-A: Laser doppler vibration indicator using beam branching optical system patent, JP-H03142978-A: Laser oscillating equipment patent, JP-H03152651-A: Information transmission system patent, JP-H03163438-A: Direct positive type silver halide photographic sensitive material patent, JP-H03165620-A: Programmable rectangular wave generating device patent, JP-H03169376-A: Talc sorter patent, JP-H03169452-A: Facing agent for lost form pattern for casting patent, JP-H03169859-A: N-phenyltetrahydrophthalimide derivative and herbicide containing the same as active ingredient patent, JP-H03171819-A: Method and device for counting by nonvolatile memory patent, JP-H03175050-A: Recorder, recording head unit equipped with the same recorder, and temperature controller for the same head patent, JP-H03186502-A: Trash container transport device patent, JP-H0318799-A: System for disassembling reactor pressure vessel by arc saw cutting technique patent, JP-H03209447-A: Reflection type screen and its manufacture patent, JP-H03225915-A: Solid-state image sensing element patent, JP-H03228938-A: Pillar and beam joint part construction patent, JP-H0323045-A: Method for continuously controlling and monitoring heat exchanging capacity and apparatus for casting ingot patent, JP-H03232968-A: Vacuum treating device and film forming device and film forming method using this device patent, JP-H03238087-A: Bsk bacteria activating device and underwater system using the same patent, JP-H03238913-A: Integrated circuit patent, JP-H0324100-A: Peptide patent, JP-H03241280-A: Housing of refrigerator patent, JP-H03245406-A: Ferroelectric thin film and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H03247634-A: Recycling of container patent, JP-H03248210-A: Automatic running system for running vehicle patent, JP-H03249528-A: Pressure transducer patent, JP-H03250418-A: Rotary drum device patent, JP-H03263510-A: Slag disposal device of surface melting furnace patent, JP-H03272104-A: Magnetic recording powder patent, JP-H03290102-A: Transplanter patent, JP-H0332899-A: Transfer method and transfer sheet used therein patent, JP-H033431-A: Dynamic management radio system patent, JP-H0336050-A: Thermal head array patent, JP-H0336416-A: Exhaust hood of gas water heater patent, JP-H0337142-A: Phosphate glass protector patent, JP-H0343389-A: Aseismic reinforcement for prefabricated water tank patent, JP-H0346406-A: Variable gain amplifier patent, JP-H03466-A: Method for casting product using lost foam pattern patent, JP-H034837-A: Magnetic resonance device for diagnosis patent, JP-H0349907-A: Slicing device patent, JP-H0351297-A: Table lift patent, JP-H03626-A: Germfree filling device patent, JP-H0366555-A: Polishing method for end face of coil spring patent, JP-H0369201-A: Automatic tracking antenna device patent, JP-H038637-A: Recording paper moisture preventing device for copying machine or the like patent, JP-H0399214-A: Method and apparatus for detecting flatness of roller of roller table patent, JP-H04163370-A: Thermal storage fiber patent, JP-H04166888-A: Video switch screen control method patent, JP-H04192697-A: Descramble signal processor patent, JP-H0419489-A: Connection unit for piping patent, JP-H04200711-A: Gas refining device for semi-conductor manufacturing process patent, JP-H04202919-A: Operating device of working machine patent, JP-H04209809-A: Cooling garment patent, JP-H04215921-A: Handling method and device for container to store products from automatic machine patent, JP-H04218095-A: Picture processor and data processing system patent, JP-H04223450-A: Light quantity controller patent, JP-H04229344-A: Method for supporting successive patch applications using restartable cursor having persistence patent, JP-H04231112-A: Equipment for manufacturing electric resistance welded steel tube patent, JP-H04243492-A: Color image processor patent, JP-H04259555-A: Device for damping bending vibration in cylinder of rotary printing press patent, JP-H0426337-A: Standby redundancy type uninterruptive power supply patent, JP-H04265349-A: Precast beam and construction method of beam patent, JP-H04283355-A: Automatic hot water supplying apparatus patent, JP-H04284653-A: Semiconductor element containing package patent, JP-H04298272-A: Device for collating and segmenting specific number patent, JP-H04335312-A: Camera system patent, JP-H04347909-A: Dielectric resonator filter patent, JP-H04358661-A: Apparatus for parting shingled flow of flat product particularly at least two-layer paper product patent, JP-H04371432-A: Paper feed mechanism patent, JP-H04372072-A: System for setting soft potential line data patent, JP-H0439209-A: Method and device for feeding parts patent, JP-H043934-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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